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Endurance Test catalogue

The catalogue for the GSDCV Endurance Test, to be conducted at KCC Park on June 26th is available here. Good Luck to all competitors !

June Breed Survey

The GSDCV will hold our June Breed Survey next Sunday June 27th, at KCC Park, Skye. The usual covid protocols will be in place for all … Read More

SBE Critiques

Critiques are available from the State Breed Exhibition. View here https://gsdcv.org.au/results

SBE Covid notice

As we head into our State Breed Exhibition this weekend, a COVID reminder to all. We advise anyone who has travelled to or come from Sydney … Read More

SBE Dinner & Details

Our 19th State Breed Exhibition will be held on the 8th and 9th of May at KCC Park, judged by Mr Vincenzo Tantaro. Judging begins at … Read More

GSDCA 60 Day Motions

The outcomes of the GSDCA 60 Day motions can be viewed here  GSDCA 60 day motions Results

GSDCA 60 Day motions

The 60 Day motions from the GSDCA AGM will be voted on at the GSDCV SGM on Sunday March 28th. View the motions here  GSDCA 60 … Read More

GSDCV Annual Report

The GSDCV 2020 Annual Report was presented to the Annual General Meeting on Saturday March 20th 2021. Read the report here

2021 AGM & Awards

At the AGM, the following were elected as the Executive members of the GSDCV. They are joined by the 11 branch managers to form the GSDCV … Read More

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