Our Rehoming Program

The GSDCV, via our Rehoming program can facilitate in finding homes for German Shepherd Dogs. We are NOT a rescue organisation, but a rehoming service. The Rehoming Coordinators are only able to provide details of people who have dogs that need rehoming. They can NOT take your dog

Information in relation to dogs needing homes is provided and negotiation of adoption arrangements is the responsibility of those who have a dog that needs rehoming and the person(s) wishing to rehome that dog. Animals for rehoming are on a ‘referral’ basis only i.e. The owner of the dog, and the person interested in adopting the dog, are put in contact with each other. We take no responsibility in the decision or choice of the owner giving up their animal to other persons who may provide the dog with a home.

FEES: If you offer to provide a new home for an available dog, there is an administration fee of $50, payable by you as the ‘new’ owner of the dog. If you currently own a GSD that you wish to find a new home for using the rehoming service, an administration fee of $50 applies, payable by yourself as the current owner

What Do You Need To Do?

  • If you are considering finding a new home for your German Shepherd Dog, please read the attached article ‘Do you really have to give up your German Shepherd‘ before making any final decision.
  • If you have a dog you wish to rehome, complete the Rehoming Surrender Form online (or download, save and send) and contact us below
  • Anyone willing to offer a very good family home where one of our rescue dogs will live as part of the family please complete the Adoption Questionnaire online (or download, save and send) and return it to us, and then contact the following:
  • GSDCV Rehoming Officer: Email us 
  • If you have found a lost German Shepherd Dog, please read the attached Tracing Lost Dogs article, or contact us via our Contacts page on this website.

Dogs Currently Available for Rehoming (below, if available)

Disclaimer: The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria offers no warranty of any kind in relation to any dogs offered for rehoming through the Paws for Thought Program. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria does not enter into any negotiations between the owner and buyers or rehomers and remains an independent entity. The Committee of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria reserves its rights to decline or withdraw any listing or cancel this site without prior notice.

Sasha & Susie

Sasha and Susie are two three year old spayed German Shepherds each seeking their new home. Unfortunately their owner is moving from a farm and will be unable to have them with him.

Sasha and Susie are in good health and are house trained, being accustomed to spending lots of time indoors. They haven’t had formal obedience training but are well behaved. They are used to car travel. Having lived on a farm they are not accustomed to the hustle and bustle of suburbia but with the appropriate training should be able to adjust. They are not familiar with cats and have not spent a lot of time with children. Ideally they would go to a country property with a new family of mainly adults. Susie and Sasha currently live in central Victoria.

Contact Judy on 9796 9842 or 0437 994 212 for further information.