German Shepherd Dog Health and Related Articles

Below are a number of very useful articles relating to the health and growth of German Shepherd Dogs, from puppies to mature adults.

All owners, and particularly breeders should take note of the recent article “Growth disorders in young German Shepherds” along with the information regarding Bloat

The most recent articles added are attached below, such as “growth disorders in the young GSD” and “Ig A Immunological disorders in the GSD” both written by vet Dr Karen Hedberg in January 2010. Also some useful toxin references for general pets.

Many more specific health and veterinary articles relating to German Shepherd Dogs can be found on the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) website. Click to access articles on HEALTH and WELFARE Articles. The information included is also detailed below with relevant links.

Growth and Feeding of Puppies

Bloat_Dr K Hedberg 2005

Gastric Dilation_Dr S Mason_ Monash Vet Clinic



Quick Reference Guide for GDV

GSD Inherited and Acquired Diseases

Article on inbreeding_linebreeding_Karen Hedberg

Geriatrics and the older GSD_K Hedberg 2004

Growth Disorders in Young GSDs_Hedberg 2010

Ig A Immunological Disorders in the GSD_Dr K Hedberg

Kennel Cough_Dr K Hedberg

megaoesophagus_Dr Karen Hedberg_20072010

Nutrition_in_Dogs_hedberg 2007


Re-print article on Lower Jaw problems_20072010

Reproduction in the Bitch_Hedberg 2007

What Price a Normal Hip_Hedberg2002

GSD Inherited and Acquired Diseases

Your dogs teeth_2007 2010

Canine Dentition_NBC 2012