Learn About Dogs

Dogs Have Instincts

Instincts are something that dogs are born with. They tell the dog how to act and react. Some of them are chasing, biting, herding, guarding and self-preservation. Each dog reacts differently to the same situation. Sometimes a dog will want to fight – hold his ground and fight off what he sees as threatening or scary. Sometimes a dog will choose to “flee” – he will run away if at all possible.

Not All Dogs Are Friendly

Not all dogs are friendly. Some are very happy and others just want to be left alone. Dogs have moods just like us – happy, sad, excited, hungry, scared and sleepy. Dogs don’t speak our language; they speak dog and it is when we fail to understand them that problems can happen. Once we learn to speak their language and understand what they are telling us, there is a world of safe and happy fun that can be shared.

How Dogs Think and Learn

Dogs don’t think like humans do. Dogs live in the now – what happens NOW..not what happened 10 minutes ago or what might happen 10 minutes from now. Dogs remember things that are repeated over and over again – which is how we teach our dogs to sit, stay, and come on command.