Show, Obedience Trial, Endurance and Tracking Schedules and Details

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Relevant Information

Dogs Victoria Heat Policy for Conformation Shows (2016)
OTEC (Obedience, Tracking, Endurance) Heat Policy effective October 2012
SBE Criteria 2017
Special Conditions relating to GSDCV Show Schedules (Jul18)

Catalogues for Coming Events

GSDCV Open Double Trial Catalogue 6 October 2018

Schedules for Coming Events

GSDCV October Open Double Trial schedule 6 October 2018

GSDCV RTG5 Obedience and Rally-O Trial Schedule 3 November 2018

GSDCV 100th Championship Show 3 November 2018

WDCV Championship Show 4 November 2018

Dogs Victoria Summer Spectacular 1 December 2018

GSDCV Open Show Schedule 2 December 2018


Event Dates

Event Date (2018)
Ballarat Champ Show 4 Feb
GSDCV Champ Show & RTBreed Trial 10 & 11 Mar
National Show & Trial (Adelaide) 27, 28, 29 April
State Breed Exhibition & RTBreed Trial 19 & 20 May
GSDCV Open Tracking Trial in abeyance 2018
GSDCV Endurance Test 23 June
GSDCV Open Rally Trial 14 Jul
Lillydale Kennel Club Champ Show 11 Aug
GSDCV GSD Exhibition 12 Aug
GSDCV Double Open Obedience Trial 6 Oct
GSDCV TSD Tracking Trial 14 – 16 Sept
GSDCV Champ Show and RTGp5 Trial 3 Nov
WDC Champ Show 4 Nov
GSDCV Open Show 2 Dec