Junior Awards

There are several awards available to our junior members who participate at conformation shows

Young Handlers Annual Achievement Award

The trophy is to reward our young handlers (13 to 20 years of age) for their participation in normal conformation classes with bonus points awarded if their dog finishes “on the pegs”.

The winner each year will be awarded the Trophy at the Club AGM.

Scoring system: 5 points awarded for each dog handled at a Championship Show (includes Working Dog Club) or State Breed Exhibition, with 2 bonus points for finishing “on the pegs” (1st to 10th place); 3 points for each animal handled at GSDCV Open Show or Club Fun Days, with 1 bonus point for placings (1st to 5th place). NOTE: Handlers must be at least 13 years old, to handle dogs in conformation classes at these events.

Junior Handler of the Year Trophy

“Junior Handler of the Year” trophies will be awarded at the AGM each year to 7 to 9 years, 10 to 12 years and “13 to 17 years”  for results in Child Handler’s classes conducted at GSDCV Shows and Fun Days throughout the year.

Scoring system: Points will be awarded for placings in “Child Handlers” classes at each Show or Fun Day, with the winner gaining points equal to the number of competitors in the class, and 1 point less for each subsequent placing (eg. If 5 entered in class – 1st place = 5 points, 2nd place = 4 points, 3rd place = 3 points etc.)

Youth of the GSDCA

Results will reflect performances of junior show handlers at their local shows during the year.

Winners will receive 10 points

Second place getters will receive 7 points

Third place getters will receive 4 points

All other competitors will receive 2 points

There will be 6 winners, one for each of the regions of NSW/ACT, VIC, QLD, WA, SA and TAS.