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So, You are Looking to Own a German Shepherd ?

Puppies and Dogs Available – SEE BELOW for details and contacts…

The GSDCV has provided a list of Breeders who currently have puppies available (bottom of page, if listed if available).

We recommend that you read this article, and gather as much information as possible, BEFORE you start looking at puppies ….Before you go any further you should consider the following:


Some Breeders advertise that they are “a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc.” This DOES NOT mean that the Breeder follows the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) Breed Improvement Schemes and the GSDCV Code of Ethics.


Breeding animals should have the following: An ‘A’ stamp for Hip dysplasia which indicates that the animal has passed the GSDCA Hip Dysplasia Scheme and is suitable to be bred from and a ‘Z’ stamp for Elbow dysplasia which means that the animal has passed the GSDCA Elbow Dysplasia Scheme and is suitable to be bred from. Also Breed Survey Classified (BSC) which means that they have been presented before a panel of experts that have ascertained and documented that the animals are suitable anatomically to be bred from and have passed a temperament test and a gun test which is their reaction to loud noises.

The Breeder should be able to show you documents that verify that the parents have successfully passed these schemes. IF THE BREEDER DOES NOT FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES YOU NEED TO ASK “WHY NOT” ?


1. The German Shepherd is a large, active working dog – not a lap dog

As such he has an active mind, which must be stimulated. You must be prepared to provide your German Shepherd with a daily walk, playtime and obedience training so he can become a reliable canine citizen and well adjusted family member. Of course the exercise will be good for you too!

2. If you want a German Shepherd as a guard dog – this breed is not for you

We recommend you buy a burglar alarm! Whilst the German Shepherd is naturally protective he does not cope well being confined and isolated without socialisation and as has already been stated requires mental stimulation. Failure to understand this can lead to behavioural problems.

3. Have you got adequate facilities for your German Shepherd?

You will need a secure, safe and fully fenced yard with adequate shelter from all the elements and access to fresh clean water. Your yard must be “escape proof” as the law prohibits roaming dogs. Bailing your dog out of the pound can be costly, assuming you are lucky enough to find him there if he goes missing!

4. Can you afford a large dog?

Costs can run into many thousands over the course of your dog’s life. These may include, in addition to the purchase price, possible vet bills, feeding, Council registration, Membership fees (i.e. the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria and Dogs Victoria), micro-chipping etc.

5. Are you prepared for a 10-12 year commitment?

This is the average life span of the German Shepherd. Are you prepared to accept this long term responsibility to care for your dog for the duration of his/her life? Think about it.

6. So you still want to own a German Shepherd?

You are a committed, responsible and active person ready to make a german shepherd an integral part of your family.

7. NOW! – Where do you buy your German Shepherd puppy?

Through the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria, Puppy Listing Service. We do not recommend buying from unregistered breeders.

8. Why?

A puppy that is purchased through the GSDCV Puppy Listing service comes from a breeder who is a member of the GSDCV, and has complied with all of the Breed Improvement Schemes and Breeding Guidelines relating to breeding and rearing of their puppies. This will provide a greater assurance that you are buying a quality puppy that will have less chance of suffering from the hereditary diseases that may occur in the German Shepherd Dog.
– Both the Sire and Dam must have been successfully Breed Surveyed and have passed both the Hip and Elbow dysplasia schemes
– All puppies come with a Dogs Victoria (VCA) Registered Pedigree – providing proof of breeding and parentage.
– The price of puppies is very similar to that from a Pet Shop or other online advertising websites, but they cannot provide any of the above.

9. We strongly recommend you visit the Frequently Asked Questions for more information, before you buy your German Shepherd Puppy

If you are interested in a German Shepherd puppy, check out the available litters detailed below.
For further information please email Judy

Puppy Listing Service Disclaimer

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria advises that the details listed in this Puppy Listing are authorised for publication by the breeders concerned. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria offers no warranty of any kind in relation to any puppies offered for sale by a Breeder through the Puppy Listing service. The GSDCV has been advised that any breeders contained in this listing have/will abide by the Regulations as set down by the GSDCV. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria does not enter into any negotiations between the Breeder and buyers and remains an independent entity. The Committee of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria reserves its rights to decline or withdraw any listing or cancel this site without prior notice.

Litters & Older Dogs CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (listed below if avail.)



Delkit Kennels

Delkit kennels is pleased to announce the arrival of five male and two female puppies on 11 April 2018. The sire is Ch Sensen Mann Yokon and the dam Delkit Suzuki – both have the AZ stamps and are Breed Survey Classified.

The puppies are a lovely rich black and tan and are expected to have good, outgoing temperaments and will be raised in our home in a family environment. All puppies will be vaccinated, microchipped, registered with Dogs Victoria and regularly wormed. They will come with a puppy pack that includes detailed information on raising your puppy, four free lessons with the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria and a supply of food to get you started.

Some puppies from this litter will be available to approved forever homes.

Contact Arlene on 0425 724 909.

Delkit Kennels is located in Somerville

Swartzlic Kennels

Swartzlic Kennels would like to announce the arrival of a a lovely litter of two females and three males on 20 March 2018. The sire is *Vadim von Aurelius [imp Gmy] and the dam *Zellburg Buffy. Both parents have been Breed Surveyed and can be viewed.The puppies are expected to be a lovely black and tan and will be raised in a family environment and well socialised.

All pups will be vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped [when of age], regularly wormed and registered with Dogs Victoria [Limited Register] before leaving for their forever homes.They will come with a puppy pack that includes detailed information on raising your puppy and four puppy certificates for training at a branch near you.

Contact Sharon on 0417 787 088;  email  shazz64@bigpond.com

Swartzlic Kennels is located at Pearcedale

Schaeferhund Kennels

Schaeferhund Kennels is expecting puppies from the well known sire *Conbhairean Freddie and the excellent graded  *Schaeferhund Enya in the first week of May. Both parents have the ‘A’ and ‘Z’ stamp for hips and elbows and are Breed Surveyed. The puppies will be registered with Dogs Victoria, vaccinated and microchipped and will come with four training certificates to begin puppy training at any GSDCV Branch. Schaeferhund Kennels are located in Gordon.

For further information contact contact Angela or Chris on 03 5368 9471

website schaeferhundkennels.com