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So, You are Looking to Own a German Shepherd ?
Puppies and Dogs Available – SEE BELOW for details and contacts…

The GSDCV has provided a list of Breeders who currently have puppies available (see bottom of page, listed if available).

We recommend that you read this article, and gather as much information as possible, BEFORE you start looking at puppies ….Before you go any further you should consider the following:


Some Breeders advertise that they are “a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc.” This DOES NOT mean that the Breeder follows the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia (GSDCA) Breed Improvement Schemes and the GSDCV Code of Ethics.

Breeding animals should have the following: An ‘A’ stamp for Hip dysplasia which indicates that the animal has passed the GSDCA Hip Dysplasia Scheme and is suitable to be bred from and a ‘Z’ stamp for Elbow dysplasia which means that the animal has passed the GSDCA Elbow Dysplasia Scheme and is suitable to be bred from. Also Breed Survey Classified (BSC) which means that they have been presented before a panel of experts that have ascertained and documented that the animals are suitable anatomically to be bred from and have passed a temperament test and a gun test which is their reaction to loud noises.

The Breeder should be able to show you documents that verify that the parents have successfully passed these schemes. IF THE BREEDER DOES NOT FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES YOU NEED TO ASK “WHY NOT” ?

1. The German Shepherd is a large, active working dog – not a lap dog
As such he has an active mind, which must be stimulated. You must be prepared to provide your German Shepherd with a daily walk, playtime and obedience training so he can become a reliable canine citizen and well adjusted family member. Of course the exercise will be good for you too!
2. If you want a German Shepherd as a guard dog – this breed is not for you
We recommend you buy a burglar alarm! Whilst the German Shepherd is naturally protective he does not cope well being confined and isolated without socialisation and as has already been stated requires mental stimulation. Failure to understand this can lead to behavioural problems.
3. Have you got adequate facilities for your German Shepherd?
You will need a secure, safe and fully fenced yard with adequate shelter from all the elements and access to fresh clean water. Your yard must be “escape proof” as the law prohibits roaming dogs. Bailing your dog out of the pound can be costly, assuming you are lucky enough to find him there if he goes missing!
4. Can you afford a large dog?
Costs can run into many thousands over the course of your dog’s life. These may include, in addition to the purchase price, possible vet bills, feeding, Council registration, Membership fees (i.e. the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria and Dogs Victoria), micro-chipping etc.
5. Are you prepared for a 10-12 year commitment?
This is the average life span of the German Shepherd. Are you prepared to accept this long term responsibility to care for your dog for the duration of his/her life? Think about it.
6. So you still want to own a German Shepherd?
You are a committed, responsible and active person ready to make a german shepherd an integral part of your family.
7. NOW – Where do you buy your German Shepherd puppy?
Through the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria, Puppy Listing Service. We do not recommend buying from unregistered breeders. You can check a breeders registered status on the ANKC webpage here. This will ensure you are dealing with an ANKC registered breeder, however they may not be a member of a State GSD breed Club.
8. Why?
A puppy that is purchased through the GSDCV Puppy Listing service comes from a breeder who is a member of the GSDCV, and has complied with all of the Breed Improvement Schemes and Breeding Guidelines relating to breeding and rearing of their puppies. This will provide a greater assurance that you are buying a quality puppy that will have less chance of suffering from the hereditary diseases that may occur in the German Shepherd Dog.
– Both the Sire and Dam must have been successfully Breed Surveyed and have passed both the Hip and Elbow dysplasia schemes (read)
– All puppies come with a Dogs Victoria (VCA) Registered Pedigree – providing proof of breeding and parentage. Read about the types of pedgirees here
– The price of puppies is very similar to that from other online advertising websites, but they cannot provide any of the above.

**Advertising of litters on the GSDCV webpage follows the requirements of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (DA Act), Section 12B, and Dogs Victoria Regulation View the fact sheet Compliance Law – Advertising Animals for Sale

If you are interested in a German Shepherd puppy, check out the available litters detailed below.
For further information please contact our Puppy Listings Officer Mandy via phone 0417 388 421 [leave message] or email  puppylist@gsdcv.org.au

Puppy Listing Service Disclaimer

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria advises that the details listed in this Puppy Listing are authorised for publication by the breeders concerned. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria offers no warranty of any kind in relation to any puppies offered for sale by a Breeder through the Puppy Listing service. The GSDCV has been advised that any breeders contained in this listing have/will abide by the Regulations as set down by the GSDCV. The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria does not enter into any negotiations between the Breeder and buyers and remains an independent entity. The Committee of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria reserves its rights to decline or withdraw any listing or cancel this site without prior notice.

Litters & Older Dogs CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (listed below if available)

Bronacre Kennels

Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RB101497
Dogs Victoria Membership Number: 3001723820
Location (suburb): AXEDALE
Phone: 0419 335 541 (Edwina)
Email: bronacre@iinet.net.au
Date of Birth: 31/03/2024
3M, 5F
Microchip Numbers: 956000016277419, 956000016247509, 956000016279636, 956000016280420, 956000016280308,956000016279266, 956000016248158, 956000016286820

Peter and Edwina at Bronacre are excited to announce that a special littter was born on 31st March.
*CH. BRONACRE BLUE ICE E.T. Breed Survey Class 1 ‘A’ ‘Z'( Lizzi)
LIZZI is a daughter of Conbhairen Freddie and *Bluemax Salted Pretzel AZ. (Lizzi is a half sister to Bluemax Salted Peanut and has produced Show Champions, Excellent Graded animals and Working performance dogs in her previous litters).

RICO is a son of VA Dingo di Casa Mary and V1 Rani vom Osterberg-Land
Rico resides in Ireland and we are grateful to the Owners and Gail Donald for making it possible to use such a quality dog in Australia.

From very sound bloodlines both parents have excellent hip/elbow results along with outstanding nature & good looks and are both top winning specialist show dogs. Both parents have excelled in the Specialist Ring, All-Breeds Ring and both perform in obedience
Both parents have A and Z stamps for hips and elbows and both are very successful show dogs.

Pups are microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and registered with Dogs Victoria. They can head to their new family homes once 8 weeks old. We register on the Main register.
This litter will be suitable for showing and obedience training and will make great family pets.

Legendhas it Kennels

Legendhas it Kennels
Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RB114625
Dogs Victoria Membership Number: 3100039232
Location (suburb): Portland
Phone: Greg Parsons 0408 107 088
Date of Birth: 16/03/2024
Sire: *Grand Ch. Dux Di Casa Nobili AZ
Dam: *Ch Taurorn Chardonay and Gucci AZ
1M 1F
Microchip Numbers: 956000015922067, 956000015922955

We have 2 babies ready to go to their forever homes. Both parents have lovely temperaments. Dad is an Italian import with a superb temperament. Dad is a show dog on the weekend and a therapy dog during the week. Dad has a strong work ethic which he passes onto his children. Mum and Dad have passed all the GSDCV schemes and both Mum and Dad are a joy to live with. Both parents have passed all the schemes and have been shown successfully.


Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RB105820
Dogs Victoria Membership Number: 3008455940
Location (suburb): Kurunjang
Phone: 0423 189 292
Email: shebellemm@bigpond.com
Date of Birth: 26/05/2024
Sire: *CH.Jack von Fenrir
Dam: *Ch. Shebelle Tinkerbell AZ
2M, 4 F
Microchip Numbers: 956000017547186, 956000017546166, 956000017534905, 956000017534039, 956000017541394, 956000017535016

Shebelle German Shepherds have available females from this lovely litter sired by the stunning Gold Medal winner *Ch. Jack von Fenrir and our lovely *Ch Shebelle TInkerbell!
Both parents are Excellent graded in the show ring, Breed Surveyed, passed their Hips and Elbows and DM Clear by DNA test. Puppies will be vaccinated at 6 weeks, regularly wormed, microchipped, vet checked at 6 weeks of age, and come with a Royal Canin Pack. Pups are registered with Dogs Victoria

Email Michelle at Shebellemm@icloud.com or call 0423189292 for further information


Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RB111042
Dogs Victoria Membership Number: 3100032505
Location (suburb): Gisborne Sth
Phone: 0417340532 (Rachel)
Name of Dog: Trenbo Candy Man
DOB: 08/18/2023
Microchip Number: 956000016333172
Sire: *Hatto vom Huhnegrab (Imp Germany)
Dam: *Bodecka Out of Control AZ

For Sale
Ace is a happy, lovely coloured impressive 10 mth old male who needs a new home.
Give me a call to talk about him joining your family.
Needs a family who have had a GSD & committed to training.


Pet Exchange Register Source Number: RB108531
Dogs Victoria Membership Number: 3100019433
Location (suburb): Cockatoo
Phone: 0400254008 (Hannah)
Email: derharv@yahoo.com
Name of Dog: Derharv Game of Thrones (Gabby)
DOB: 12/09/2019
Microchip Number: 956000007823969
S: *Karabach Night Force
Dam: Kanjelese High Priestess “A” Z”

For Sale
Gabby is a beautiful long stock coat, nearly 5-year-old female who has been breed surveyed, excellent Graded, and, of course, passed through the Hip and Elbow Scheme.
She is great with children and has been raised in a family environment since birth.
Gabby is good with other cats and dogs, provided they give her space while she gets to know them. She is suitable for a home as an only dog or with a male dog.
Her new family must be prepared to put in the necessary work to help her adjust to her new family and must have solid, suitable fencing for German shepherds, no farm fencing.
Gabby will leave us desexed and up to date with all health requirements and is in excellent health
The reason for rehoming is we are not breeding a lot due to family commitments and would rather Gabby be one of one dog or two.
Please email or send a text message we do not get good mobile reception at home.