Conformation Show Results

Objective of a Conformation Show

The following results are the final placings and gradings from recent Specialist Shows held throughout Victoria and interstate. The requirements and characteristics of the German Shepherd Dog are detailed in the Breed Standard, and at these Shows all animals exhibited are assessed in accordance with this Standard, taking all aspects of the dog’s construction, temperament and movement into consideration. All animals exhibited may receive a grading in accordance with the judges opinion of their merit. As these Shows have a very large entry, all animals are placed from first to last, and the grading system indicates that there are dogs of very high quality in each class, rather than simply focusing on the eventual class winner. Puppies up to 12 months of age can be entered in the Baby, Minor and Puppy classes and may receive the gradings of “Promising” or “Very Promising”, whilst animals over 12 months of age entered in Junior, Intermediate and Open classes may receive the grading of “Good” and “Very Good”, with animals over 2 years of age who have been classified at Breed Survey and are exhibited in the Open Class may receive the grading of “EXCELLENT”.

Results from Conformation Shows


GSDCV Open Show Results 1 December 2019

WDC Championship Show Results and Critiques 3 November 2019

GSDCV 102nd Championship Show Results and Critiques 2 November 2019

GSDCV Exhibition Results and Critiques 11 August 2019

Lillydale Championship Show results and critiques 10 August 2019

2019 National Show and Trial Complete Results

GSDCV 18th State Breed Exhibition 9 and 10 March 2019


GSDCV Open Show Results 2 Dec 2018

Dogs Victoria Spectacular Results and Critiques 1 December 2018

WDC Championship Show Results and Critiques 4 Nov 2018

GSDCV 100th Championship Show Results and Critiques 3 Nov 2018

GSDCV GSD Exhibition Results and Critiques 12 August 2018

Lillydale Championship Show Results and Critiques 11 August 2018

GSDCV 17th State Breed Exhibition Results and Critiques May 2018

GSDCV Championship Show Results and Critiques March 2018

Twilight Canine Country Club Results February 2018

Ballarat Dog Club Champ Show Results February 2018


GSDCV Open Show Results 3rd December 2017

GSDCV 98th Champ Show Results and Critiques Nov 2017

WDC Championship Show results and Critiques Nov 2017

Ballarat Dog Club Show critiques 5 February 2017

GSDCV Champ Show Results and critiques 11 12 March 2017

GSDCV Exhibition Results and critiques 13 August 2017

GSDCV SBE Results and Critiques May 2017

Lillydale Champ Show Results and critiques 12th August 2017

Twilight Canine Country Club Shows

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