Below are some useful education articles and information flyers.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc (GSDCV) has produced a Club and Breed Information document to assist you in deciding whether a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is the right dog for you and your family and to inform you of the services that the club provides. It contains relevant club information, training branch locations and how to contact our Puppy Listings Officer if you’re looking for a puppy.
We have also produced an Overview of the GSD in Australia, the breed improvement schemes and some useful facts and information.

The GSDCV has also produced a series of Education flyers to assist members who may be interested in learning and/or getting involved in the various disciplines the Club offers. These cover Showing, Trialling, Tracking, the Endurance Test and a Club Activity summary – and include all the basic information a beginner needs to become involved and make a start in any area, as well as how and where to find information.

View and download a copy of the Information sheets below. (in tri-fold pamphlet format)

Breed and Club overview

GSDCV Breed Information Flyer

Breed My Dog

What Can You Do with Your Dog

Obedience Trial

Rally-O Trial

Endurance Trial


Tracking Trial