GSD Health Profile Report Formhealth profile form

Provide us with information about your GSD’s health, which may help other owners in the future

This is a scheme for betterment of the GSD breed, managed by the GSDCA.

An electronic form for capturing health information regarding the GSD is available. It is extremely important that our Health and Welfare Committee can receive data relating to the health of the GSD in a timely manner and this form simplifies the process.

The following link will take owners to a PDF form to capture relevant information. (Download and edit in Adobe acrobat, and submit)

GSDCA Heath Profile Form

Contents submitted on the form are confidential and for official use only.

For details of Veterinary articles and Health information pertaining to the GSD please go to the Veterinary Fact Sheets page.

GSD Health and Welfare – Hereditary Diseases

The GSDCA has set up a Hereditary Diseases Subcommittee to monitor, investigate and recommend remedial action on emerging disorders that may affect breed development. Through these initiatives, the GSDCA and its affiliate members have built up much knowledge and resources on the veterinary aspects of many disorders/conditions which may affect the German Shepherd Dog.

Over the years, many articles have been published by the GSDCA in its National Review Magazine to inform GSD enthusiasts of topical veterinary and health matters.

To report disorders, conditions and health matters observed or diagnosed in German Shepherd Dogs or Puppies to the Hereditary Diseases Scheme, please forward information to the GSDCA so it may gather all available data to better understand what may be occurring and affecting breed development.

Breed Health & Welfare Committee Chair – Dr Candy Baker Phone: 0409 168 299 – E-mail

ANKC Health and Welfare

The ANKC considers that the health and physical welfare of dogs is of prime importance and is reviewing and will continue to review Breed Standards to reflect this policy. (Instituted October 2008).

Visit the ANKC Health and Welfare page