Keeping Safe Around Dogs

Dogs can be fun to play with, but remember…..
A dog is not a toy.


Always be kind and gentle with a dog, never tease, poke or prod, kick, hit or step on a dog’s hair, ears or tail.


How To Keep Safe Around Dogs

1. KEEP AWAY from dogs eating

2. KEEP AWAY from dogs sleeping


3. KEEP AWAY from dogs who are protecting their territory

4. KEEP AWAY from dogs you don’t know

5. ALWAYS ask the dogs owner permission before you approach their dog

6. DON’T tease dogs

7. DON’T put your face close to a dogs face

8. DON’T crowd your dog by sitting or climbing on them

Protecting home

9. DON’T squeal and run away from dogs

10. ONLY spend time with your dog when your parents are watching