Show Training – What its all about?


Most GSDCV training branches can provide you with some basic show training for your dog. Ask your branch manager about what classes and help is offered. The Club’s Specialist Show Training Branch will assist greatly in teaching you how to prepare your dog for a show re gaiting, standing and grooming etc.
Show training time is Sundays, 11.30am at KCC Park, 655 Westernport Hwy, Skye. Visit them here.
Training for presentation to the Breed Survey scheme is also available at this branch and educational days are held re all aspects of learning to understand your shepherd.
The show ring is the ‘window’ of the breed – the competition between the dogs brings the rewards to those judged to be nearest to the written standard or ‘blueprint’ of their breed.
Breeders are guided, to a large extent, by the decisions made by judges in the show ring. Therefore, judges must attempt to promote to the fore, the animals which best represent the described attributes in the breed standard.


The requirements and characteristics of the German Shepherd Dog are detailed in the Breed Standard, and at these Shows, all animals exhibited are assessed in accordance with this standard, taking all aspects of the dog’s construction, temperament, and movement into consideration.
All animals exhibited receive a grading in accordance with the judge’s opinion of that animal’s merit.
These shows have very large entries, and all animals are placed from 1st to last in each class, and an appropriate ‘grading’ and individual critique is recorded for every exhibit.
Puppies, up to the age of 12 months, can be entered in the Baby, Minor and Puppy classes and receive a grading of “Very Promising” or “Promising”, whilst animals over the age of 12 months are entered in Junior and Intermediate receive the grading of “Very Good” or “Good”. Exhibits in the Open class can be awarded the Grading of “Excellent”, which includes a medallion and grading certificate.
Various state clubs hold an annual State Specialist show, and are usually judged by an overseas specialist judge in the breed or an acknowledged Australian specialist judge. These state shows can be hotly contested by approximately 250 shepherds.
Each year a National show is held in a different state on a rotation basis, and this show is judged by visiting German judges. The pinnacle of achievement is to be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal from the Open class at a National Show, where up to 500-600 shepherds compete.


This type of show is most usually judged by an “All-Rounder” – ie not a judge who specialises only in German Shepherds. Points are awarded towards the title of Aust.Ch, by an exhibit winning their individual class, and then competing against other class winners for the Best of their sex and breed., at that show. German Shepherds are a part of the Working Dog Group which includes other breeds such as Collies, Welsh Corgis etc. The ultimate winner of each separate group then competes for Best in show.
The All Breeds show ring places more emphasis on the presentation, and grooming etc of the exhibit, whereas the specialist show ring acknowledges the fitness required of a working dog by the prolonged gaiting test, the required firmness of character and the ultimate aim, the “Excellent” grading.

If you are interested in showing your dog, You can also read the education flyer here which has lots of information.