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The Process of Getting Your Dog’s Hips and Elbows X-Rayed

If you want to participate in any German Shepherd Dog Council Schemes that are conducted for and on behalf of the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia, you will need to have your dogs hips and elbows x-rayed.

Read the articles below for detailed information on the process and steps involved in arranging and having your dog x-rayed.

You will need to contact the GSDCV HD/ED registrar  Gillian Cafari, ph 03 5420 7385 to obtain the relevant contract forms and documentation to begin the process. This involves payment of a fee, which is currently $72.00 (from 1.7.20).

BEFORE you contact us, read the following carefully which explains the correct paperwork you will need. FIRST get your contract THEN make the Vet appointment.

How do l get my dog Hip and Elbow x rayed ?

Before you start.
Your dog MUST be at least 12 months old. The dog must be registered with Dogs Victoria.

Getting Started.
In order to have your dog Hip and Elbow x-rayed under the GSDCA Breed Improvment scheme, there are a number of things required before you can proceed.

Firstly, your dog must be registered in YOUR name. That is, your name must appear on the Dogs Australia (ANKC) pedigree (see red circle picture right), indicating your are the legal owner of the registered dog.

Are you the legal owner of your dog?

When you purchased your puppy/dog, you would have had to transfer the dog from the breeder’s name to your own.

How do I transfer my dog?
To transfer your dog, you must have the original pedigree certificate supplied by the breeder and the breeders signature must be present on the reverse side. Fill in your own details sign and post in with required fee for transfer to Dogs Victoria (Transfer of Registration Main Register Member = $50.00). Dogs Victoria will transfer the dog into your name and send you a new pedigree certificate with your name as the owner.

You do not need to be a member to transfer your puppy, however, you cannot transfer a main registered dog (blue certificate) as a non-member. You will need to be a member to do this. As a non-member you are only permitted to transfer a dog on the limited register (orange certificate).

Do I need to transfer my dog into my name?
Yes, even if you do not plan to breed, show or trial your dog, it is a good idea to transfer your dog into your name. It is also recommended in the case your dog is lost, a search on the Dogs Australia (ANKC) database using the microchip number will show you as the owner of the dog making it possible to return your dog to you. This is also a good reason to notify the Dogs Victoria office when you move. Transferring the dog also shows that you are the legal owner of the dog. Should you ever decide to breed or enter shows and require the registration certificate, the process will be much easier if you are already recorded as the owner. Also, in the event you may lose your registration certificate you do not need to contact the breeder to apply for a duplicate certificate on your behalf. However, if you do plan to breed, show or trial your dog you will need to become a member of Dogs Victoria.

Your dog needs to be on the Main register?  – if you have a BLUE Pedigree certificate then the answer is Yes

A pedigreed purebred dog can be listed on either the Main Register (blue certificate) or Limited Register (orange certificate).Dogs on both the main and limited register may be Hip and Elbow x-rayed.
A dog on the Main Register (blue certificate) has full rights. The dogs on this register can be shown in conformation shows in order to gain titles and may be bred from to other Main Register dogs of the same breed and have their progeny registered as purebreds.
The Limited Register (orange certificate) indicates that dog is pedigreed but cannot be shown at conformation shows nor can the dog be bred with and have the progeny registered as pedigreed puppies.

So all your paperwork is in order, what next ?

Step 1. CHECK HIS Microchip Number
He must be positively identified with a microchip number that can be scanned for recording.

If you are not sure call the Chief Surveyor Alastair Henderson on (03) 97723992 to arrange to have a Breed Surveyor check the microchip number and advise you on a course of action. Your vet will also be able to check that your dog has a readable microchip number.

A copy of your dog’s Dogs Australia (ANKC) pedigree is required to be submitted at the time of purchasing the contract.

In this application process, the registered owner and address entered below MUST MATCH that on the Dogs Australia (ANKC) pedigree. If not, speak with the GSDCV HD/ED Registrar Gillian Cafari, ph 03 5420 7385.

The Registered Owner, as per the Certified Pedigree is the only person able to purchase a contract (not the breeder). Where a dog is jointly owned, one owner should be a financial member of a GSDCA affiliate, otherwise there are further fees applicable

The contract MUST be signed by the Owner (as it appears on his Dogs Victoria Registration Certificate).

You can purchase the contract online, and attach a scanned copy of your pedigree – make sure you have done all the above before doing this. Purchase here: https://gsdcv.org.au/product/hip-elbow-contract/ This payment is for a GSDCA Hip and Elbow Contract. Your payment includes a postage and handling fee of $2.00
You can also speak with the registrar and post your pedigree in order to obtain a contract.

A contract, once issued cannot be refunded or transferred to another dog, under any circumstances and does not expire.

FIRST get your contract THEN make the Vet appointment.

Your dog will be required to have a General Anaesthetic on the day of his X-ray.
DON’T FORGET: Take your contract with you to the Vet on the day.

Please Note: The GSDCA Hip and Elbow Scheme is one of several Hip and Elbow Schemes currently being used in Australia. The Penn Hip and the AVA are two other examples. Make sure you tell the Vet that your dog will be x-rayed under the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Hip and Elbow Scheme as each scheme may have different positioning, identification and labelling requirements. There are many Veterinarians who are experienced with the requirements of the GSDCA Hip and Elbow Scheme. Ask a Breed Surveyor or your breeder for advice.

Make sure the Vet reads the contract and understands clearly what is required.
Make sure the Vet CHECKS the microchip number and compares it to the microchip number on the Contract. The two numbers MUST match.
Make sure the X-ray is labelled RADIOGRAPHICALLY with the following:
a) The microchip number
b) The date
c) Right or Left marker
d) The Dog’s name
e) State contract number

NOTE: Incorrectly labelled films will not be accepted for reading.

If the microchip number is not radiographically embedded on the X-ray your dog will be required to be re-x-rayed.
Stick-on labels are NOT acceptable as a means of positive identification.
Following the correct procedures will ensure your dog will not be put through another anaesthetic and re-x-ray.
Make sure the Vet completes and signs the Contract.

GSDCA X-ray requirements

Send the X-ray plates/disc, a stamped self-addressed envelope, a copy of your dog’s Dogs Victoria Registration Certificate and the completed contract in a padded bag to the reader of your choice. Addresses are on the form. No further monies are due.

You will receive the provisional results in the mail from the reader (pink form).
The ‘Official Certificate’ will arrive later after processing by the GSDCA National HD/ED Registrar.
Make sure you check that the information on the certificate has been correctly transcribed. The National HD registrar will need to be notified if there is an error.
HD/ED Contracts are issued in the name of the dog to be x-rayed and cannot be transferred to another dog under any circumstances.


Read the articles below for detailed information on the process and steps involved in arranging and having your dog x-rayed.

You will need to contact a GSDCV HD/ED registrar to obtain the relevant contract forms and documentation to begin the process. This involves payment of a fee, which is currently $72.00 (from 1.7.20).  All details are in the document below “how do l get my dog hip and elbow x-rayed?”.

How do l get my dog Hip and Elbow x-rayed?


Breed Improvement Schemes

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Inc (GSDCA) has developed a number of Schemes for breed improvement to the German Shepherd Dog as a Breed. Access to these schemes is available in all significant states and territories of Australia.
Two of these core schemes are : 
GSDCA Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Control Schemes
GSDCA Breed Survey Scheme