Breed Improvement Schemes

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Inc (GSDCA) has developed a number of Schemes for breed improvement to the German Shepherd Dog as a Breed. Access to these schemes is available in all significant states and territories of Australia.
Those schemes are : 
GSDCA Breed Survey Scheme
GSDCA Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Control Schemes
GSDCA Tooth Certificate Scheme
GSDCA Hereditary Diseases Scheme

Schemes no longer in place:
GSDCA Tattoo Scheme *(ceased on July 1 2017)
GSDCA Haemophilia Scheme (ceased 2019)

Objective of Breed Survey
To promote and offer guidance for the uniform development of the German Shepherd Dog breed, by evaluating and recording the pedigree and the breed worth of each animal, according to the Breed Standard, resulting in improvement of the breeds’ inherent working qualities.

Dogs and bitches are awarded a Breed Survey classification (note that from July 1st 2017, a single classification exists, the previous Breed Survey Class I or Class II no longer applies), if it is expected that they will contribute to the overall improvement of the breed in Australia.
Breed Surveys are held regularly within Victoria, where dogs and bitches over the age of 18 months (and under 8 years of age) at the date of the Survey, may be presented for assessment to one of the Panel of Victorian Breed Surveyors.

The animals listed have all been awarded the classification of:
Breed Survey – animals which are anatomically and temperamentally above the breed average of this country.

Breeding Ethics 
In order to use the Club Puppy Listings, the following guidelines must be complied with.
Should any member give misleading information on the Litter Application Form, they may be reported to Committee for further action. Any complaints should be directed to the Breed Affairs Administrator.

Stud Dog 
1. The stud dog must be Breed Surveyed prior to mating.
2. Minimum age of stud dog should be 18 months.
3. Owner of stud dog should request a veterinary clearance for breeding soundness (swab certificate).

Brood bitch
1. Brood bitch must be Breed Surveyed prior to mating.
2. A veterinary clearance for breeding soundness (swab certificate) is required for the bitch.
3. A bitch may not be bred from more than twice in each period of eighteen months.

1. Puppies should be a minimum of eight weeks of age prior to leaving breeder, and must be microchipped.
2. All mutations and obvious malformations should be culled at birth.
3. Breeder must ensure that all puppies are de-wormed and immunized at least ten days prior to leaving the breeder.
4. Puppies must be in a clean and healthy condition and kennels should be in a clean condition.
5. Information on general care, diet, worming and immunization, pedigree forms and signed transfer form must be given on receipt of payment from the buyer. It is recommended that Club Booklets and/or Education Units be supplied by the breeder.
German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Regulations and Breed Schemes (see below for details)


Breed Survey Application forms

Visit the GSDCA website for all current forms here


GSDCA Haemophilia Scheme

German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Haemophilia Scheme
(Introduced in 1987, ceased 2019)

All imported male dogs and sons of imported bitches were required to have a haemophilia test prior to survey.

The Test: A blood sample is taken and sent away for analysis. A Hneg Certificate for that dog was then be issued.

Please contact the GSDCA Hereditary Diseases Chairman Dr. Candy Baker for further details