RENEWAL of your GSDCV Membership for 2023 can be paid online

Payments can begin from 1/11/2023

View the renewal notice 2024 Renewal Notice
This page is for the use of 2023 GSDCV members only. If you were a financial member in 2022, and did not renew (you had until 31.12.2022) you must contact the Membership Officer.

If you are interested in joining as a new member of the GSDCV, please return to the membership page for more information.

Current 2023 Members

You will need your GSDCV membership renewal notice (that you received in the November Shepherd News), with your membership number and your credit card details. Note that you may only renew your membership online if the name and membership category listed on your renewal invoice are correct. If you need to make any changes, please contact the Membership Officer.

To proceed with your online renewal and payment, enter your Name and Membership number below. If you need to update any of your contact details (as listed on your invoice) please fill in the appropriate areas below.
Please read, understand and accept the Membership Statement at the bottom of this page. A copy of the GSDCV constitution can be accessed here. Then click SUBMIT to accept.

You will then be redirected to continue and proceed to the secure page for payment (NAB), where you MUST enter your membership number when the reference number is requested, in the required format. Your outstanding payment details will then be displayed, then you MUST enter your credit card details for payment. Failure to complete the entry and approval of your credit card details will result in NO payment, and you will not have completed your membership renewal. Please follow every step carefully.
If you have any problems with any steps in the following process, return to this page and CONTACT US for help

Membership Renewal Form

Complete your membership renewal and payment

  • Please enter your First name
  • Please enter your Surname
  • IF you have a household membership, please enter the names of all other members. (If you want to add or remove family members, you will need to note this) Two adults per membership.
  • Enter your number including the backslash / (ie. 12/0789)
  • Enter if you have moved in the last 18 months
  • Membership Statement “I/We, on behalf of the abovementioned applicants, agree to be bound by the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc. (“the Club”); and to abide by, observe and comply with any decisions or directives of the Management Committee of the Club (and/or its subcommittees). I/We acknowledge that there are some inherent risks associated with activities involving dogs and l/we accept all risks upon attending events organised by the Club, or in which the Club is involved. I/We release the Club and the members of its Committees from any liability in relation to any injury, damage or loss l/we suffer at any event which is organised by the Club, or in which the Club is involved. If any of the above listed applicants is a minor, then we warrant that we are the parents and/or legal guardians of all the minors and are/have the authority to, and do, make the above statements on their behalf. I/We acknowledge and accept that the Club (and its representatives) have the right to refuse me/us admission to any event organised by the Club, or in which the Club is involved, and may require me/us to leave any such event at any time. I/We acknowledge and accept that the Club may terminate my/our membership at any time. I/We have read the GSDCV Code of Conduct for Child Safe Standards and Wellbeing and agree to abide by its terms and the standards of behaviour (link here I/We declare that the information on this form is true and correct, and that l/we are authorised to make the declaration.” “Membership shall not be granted until such time as this form has been completed properly, signed by all the adults and received and approved by the Club, and all fees have been paid. Receipt of funds by the Club does not itself bestow membership. The Club has the right to refuse membership to any person.” Note: The financial year of the GSDCV Inc. ends at midnight on the 31st December each year. Membership and all privileges shall cease ipso facto if the annual subscription has not been paid on or before the last business day of the current financial year (31st December)