You, Your Dog & the Law

Be a Responsible Dog owner.

The Victorian Government Agriculture website covers all aspects of pet ownership in Victoria.

It contains an outline of the Victorian legislation affecting dog ownership and dangerous dog laws and answers many questions owners might have.

Responsible Dog Ownership Course

The Responsible Dog Ownership Course is designed to give you some basic information about your legal responsibilities as a dog owner. Take the course here

Dog Attacks, Dangerous and Menacing Dogs

All owners should read and understand the current laws and definitions, and the requirements if your dog is declared Dangerous or Menacing by the local Council.

Menacing dog: a dog that the Council has declared Menacing due to it rushing or chasing a person, or causing a non serious bite injury to a person or animal. “Rush at” means that the dog has approached a person within 3 metres in a menacing manner, this includes displaying aggressive behaviour such as snarling, growling and raising the hackles.

Read the current laws

Dog Owners Legal Requirements

Legal Requirements for Dog Owners

Registration and Microchipping

All dogs must be registered with your local Council.

All dogs must be microchipped. This means that if your dog is lost or escapes (say in a thunderstorm or fireworks) then you can be contacted and they can be returned to you. Make sure your contact details with the microchip registration, such as Central Animal Records (different to council registration) is ALWAYS up to date.

Read all the information here

Domestic Animal Legislation

Read the current recently updated legislation

Victorian Breeding Legislation

Breeders are encouraged to please read the article on Reckless Breeding Legislation that the Victorian Government has introduced

Legal Action

You can find some helpful information on the Victoria Legal Aid website, which details some of the common offences, the legal actions and the ramifications for an owner.

Dog LAWS – The Domestic Animal Act

A basic understanding of current Dog laws is important. The documents below provide the complete laws. Note: laws are continually updated, ensure that you always use the most recent edition! These are the websites to visit. and

Domestic Animals Act Sept 2012
Vic Domestic Animals Regulations 2015
Things you should know about Dangerous dogs 2017