Are You Considering Breeding Your Dog?

Before you breed your dog, there are some important things to consider: Why Breed?
You should only be breeding to better the GSD breed.
“Breeding a litter of puppies is not about making dollars!
It really only gives some recompense to the money you will outlay over the lifetime of your bitches”

What is a Responsible breeder?

  • Responsible breeders believe that each new litter they breed should be an improvement on the parents and the breed
    Responsible breeders give careful consideration to health issues, temperament and the appearance of the dog
    Responsible breeders plan ahead of each mating to ensure that each puppy produced will be bred in the best possible environment
    Responsible breeders accept responsibility for a puppy which they have bred, and make themselves available to give advice, help and information to new owners


The GSDCV have produced an education pamphlet that details much of what you need to consider in breeding with your animal.

Read the pamphlet here

So you have decided to mate your bitch…..

  • She has successfully passed through all the GSDCA schemes – microchipped, “A” Stamp for Hips, “Z” Stamp for Elbows and successfully Breed Survey Classifed.
  • You have chosen a suitable Stud dog.

Stud Dogs FAQs

What Paperwork should the owner of the Stud Dog be able to show you?

  • The Stud Dog’s Victorian Canine Association (VCA) Registration Certificate
  • Breed Survey Certificate
  • “A” and “Z” Stamp Certificate for Hips and Elbows
  • Haemophilia Certificate if the dog is imported or is from an imported Dam

What questions do I ask the owner of the Stud Dog?

1. Is the Stud Dog owner happy to accept your bitch to his/her dog?
2. Is a veterinary check for breeding soundness required e.g. a Swab Certificate?
3. Do you require progesterone test/s prior to mating?
4. Is the dog available about the approximate time your bitch should be ready to mate?
5. What is the stud fee? How much? When and how paid?
OR Is there a service fee? How much? When do I pay it? When would the remainder of the Stud fee be paid and how much will it be? What form of payment is acceptable?
6. If I pay a Service fee and my bitch fails to conceive do I pay another Service fee when I return to use the dog?
7. What is considered a litter? 2 live puppies? 3 live puppies? Or?
8. What happens if my bitch fails to conceive? Do you offer a return for this bitch? Or can I bring another bitch? Or is there any other alternative?
9. If my bitch fails to conceive how long do I have to use the Stud fee?
10. Are there any circumstances when the stud fee or Service fee would be refunded?


Breeding Ethics 

In order to use the Club Puppy Listings, the following guidelines must be complied with.
Should any member give misleading information on the Litter Application Form, they may be reported to Committee for further action. Any complaints should be directed to the Breed Affairs Administrator.

Stud Dog 
1. The stud dog must be Breed Surveyed prior to mating.
2. Minimum age of stud dog should be 18 months.
3. Owner of stud dog should request a veterinary clearance for breeding soundness (swab certificate).

Brood bitch
1. Brood bitch must be Breed Surveyed prior to mating.
2. A veterinary clearance for breeding soundness (swab certificate) is required for the bitch.
3. A bitch may not be bred from more than twice in each period of eighteen months.

1. Puppies should be a minimum of eight weeks of age prior to leaving breeder, and must be microchipped.
2. All mutations and obvious malformations should be culled at birth.
3. Breeder must ensure that all puppies are de-wormed and immunized at least ten days prior to leaving the breeder.
4. Puppies must be in a clean and healthy condition and kennels should be in a clean condition.
5. Information on general care, diet, worming and immunization, pedigree forms and signed transfer form must be given on receipt of payment from the buyer. It is recommended that Club Booklets and/or Education Units be supplied by the breeder.
German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Regulations and Breed Schemes (see below for details)


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