Feeding Your Puppy

When you pick up your puppy from your breeder, you should be provided with some feeding notes and possibly recommendations.

these should include not changing the food your Breeder has fed your puppy. It is a good idea to continue feeding the same brand of food and use the same feeding schedule (usually 3 times per day initially) the puppy was on before you brought your puppy home. Keep your puppy on the same food for a period of time until he adjusts to his new home, then switch slowly to another food if you prefer (mix 1:3, then 2:2, then 3:1 etc of new food to old)

There is no ‘set amount’ to feed a puppy for their age. This is determined by their body weight, and whether they need more or less food. Every puppy will be different.  If in doubt, speak with your breeder or vet.

German Shepherd puppies should not be overweight, as they grow quickly and don’t need the extra strain on their bodies as they grow. Don’t forget, your puppy needs a waistline!.

Always make sure your puppy has access to fresh water.

Several useful articles are below, which provide some information on feeding and growth of German Shepherd puppies.

You can also ask many questions when you attend your local GSDCV training branch if you need assistance.

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