Breed Survey Results

Breed Survey dates for 2019

Sunday 17th February, Sunday 14th April,
Sunday 2nd June, Sunday 4th August
Sunday 13th October (@ Western), Sunday 1st December

Results of Breed Surveys Conducted by the GSDCV


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Previous Years Survey Results

GSDCV Breed Survey Results 2011 to 2016
GSDCV Breed Survey Results 2006 – 2010
GSDCV Breed Survey Results 2000 – 2005

Objective of Breed Survey

To promote and offer guidance for the uniform development of the German Shepherd Dog breed, by evaluating and recording the pedigree and the breed worth of each animal according to the Breed Standard, resulting in improvement of the breeds’ inherent working qualities.
Dogs and bitches are awarded classification if it is expected that they will contribute to the overall improvement of the breed in Australia.
Breed Surveys are held regularly within Victoria, where dogs and bitches over the age of 18 months (and under 8 years of age) at the date of the Survey, may be presented for assessment to one of the Panel of Victorian Breed Surveyors.
From 1 July 2017, there is only a single Breed Survey Classification. The Breed Survey Class I or Class II is no longer awarded.
Congratulations to the Owners and Breeders of these animals.