GSDCV Perpetual Trophies and Annual Awards for Show and Trial Dogs

Each year the GSDCV presents Annual Awards to recognise the Achievements of members and their Dogs


Trophy (formerly ‘Specialty Dog of the Year’) awarded to the best performed Dog and Bitch each year, which are owned by Victorian members only.

“Margot Haines” PUPPY OF THE YEAR

Trophy for best Victorian Show Puppy of the year. Points scored for results in Baby Puppy, Minor Puppy and Puppy classes at Victorian Shows – GSDCV & WDC Championship shows and State Breed Exhibition (placings 1 to 10), GSDCV Open show (placings 1 to 5), and All-Breed Shows where a Specialist Judge officiates (placings 1 to 3).


Awarded to the Victorian animal, which has the best results for the year, by winning at least two “Dual Performance” trophies for Show & Obedience at Victorian and/or Interstate Club shows, State Breed Exhibitions, Nationals and Main Breed Exhibition (see attachment below for changes to qualifying, 2009 update)


Points may be scored by young handlers for handling
The Trophy is to reward our Younger Handlers ( 13 to 20 years of age ) for their participation in normal conformation classes with bonus points awarded if their animal finishes “on the pegs”. The winner each year will be awarded the Trophy at the Club AGM. Scoring system: 5 points awarded for each animal handled at a Championship Show (includes Working Dog Club) or State Breed Exhibition, with 2 bonus points for finishing “on the pegs” (1st to 10th place); 3 points for each animal handled at GSDCV Open Show or Club Fun Days, with 1 bonus point for placings (1st to 5th place). NOTE: Handlers must be at least 13 years old, to handle dogs in conformation classes at these events.


“7 to 9 years” and “10 to 12 years” and “13 to 17 years” will be awarded the
“Junior Handler of the Year” trophies for results in Child Handler’s classes conducted at GSDCV Shows and Fun Days throughout the year. Scoring System: Points will be awarded for placings in “Child Handlers” classes at each
Show or Fun Day, with the winner gaining points equal to the number of competitors in the
class, and 1 point less for each subsequent placing. (eg. If 5 entered in class – 1st place = 5
pts, 2nd place = 4 points, 3rd place = 3 points, etc.)


Is open to any dog or bitch owned by a member of the GSDCV Inc., and registered with the Victorian Canine Association, that competes in Junior, Intermediate or Open classes at the shows listed above or at a Victorian All-Breed show where a specialist judge is appointed.
A list of all Schneider Trophy winners (back to 1949) can be viewed – Schneider trophy winners to 2016


Is open to all GSDCV members who have a Breeder’s Prefix registered with the Victorian Canine Association.
A list of Winners of this important trophy can be viewed – Eric Orschler Breeders Trophy to 2017


The GSDCV Inc. presents a “Breeder’s Award of Merit” plaque to the Breeder of any animal graded “Excellent” or “Excellent Select” in Show, or “Excellent” in Obedience or Tracking.

High Achieving Handler and Dog Obedience Trophies

The GSDCV recognises high achievements in each of the CCD, Novice, Open, Utility and UD Excellent classes

High Achieving Handler and Dog Tracking Trophies

The GSDCV recognises high achievements in each of Tracking Dog, Tracking Dog Excellent, Track and Search Dog or Track and Search Dog Excellent tests.

Ian Williams Tracking Trophy

To win this award, members with the most passes and highest gradings with the one dog over the year’s tracking season can apply for this trophy to the Club Secretary of the GSDCV.


Specific details on the Awards and scoring can be found in the attached articles.


Revised criteria for obedience and tracking awards commencing in 2012

Ian Williams Tracking Trophy