Rehoming – Adoption Applicant Enquiry Questionnaire

Please consider the following terms and conditions before you continue to complete this application form. To be considered as a guardian of these magnificent animals there are certain requirements that must be met.

ALL requests to adopt MUST be made via our adoption application form. This questionnaire is to enable our rehoming service to assess if you are aware of the commitments in owning a large breed dog and whether or not the service has a dog suitable to your circumstances.

Your property must be fully fenced with suitable kennel arrangements for the animal when the owners are not at home.
We will not refer dogs to anyone who will not allow the GSD to have some access to the home while they are home or who expect it to sleep outside at night without adequate shelter. We also refuse referral to anyone who cannot demonstrate they have the time, energy and physical capacity to train and exercise a German Shepherd.

If you own a cat you must be realistic in your expectations of an early peaceful relationship. German Shepherds are high drive animals and it will take work for a cat and dog to live together harmoniously. If you have more than 2 house cats please do not even consider a German Shepherd, as we feel it will cause too much stress for all concerned.

Dog’s to order – we do not ‘rehome to order’ so requests for large bone, dark masked, coat type and colour with a guarantee on hip and elbow dysplasia and strong ear set are best directed to a breeder.

Please consider the financial outgoings of owning a large breed dog. Large breed dogs do create a financial outlay of around $1,500 per annum to feed, register, and vaccinate, without any other additional vet costs due to illness or accident. Many dogs are relinquished by their owners for this very reason. Please be sure you are in a financial position to be able to maintain a German Shepherd Dog.

Please also consider the time you have available to give to this animal. A German Shepherd is an intelligent dog and as such needs regular exercise, training and mind stimulation. Without this adequate time given, the animal is easily distracted and becomes bored very quickly, which leads to mischief and destructive behavior.

Apply to Rehome a Dog

use this form to apply to rehome a dog through the GSDCV rehoming servcie

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DISCLAIMER: The German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria acts as a REFERRAL point for people wishing to rehome adult dogs and also for people offering a home to adult dogs. In the majority of cases, the Club has not seen the dog, knows little of its background and gives no warranty as to its suitability for rehoming, its health status, vaccination status or its temperament. The Club simply acts as a point of contact.
There will be an administrative charge for all rehomed dogs of $50. However under no circumstances does the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria offer any warranty or guarantee with these dogs.

In completing and submitting this form you acknowledge that the information you have provided is true and correct.

Complete this questionnaire and/or email it back to as soon as possible
Thank you for considering adopting a German Shepherd Dog/Bitch.