Obedience Trialling with Your Dog

Obedience trials are a competition for you and your dog, and you compete against other competitors in the trial.

Trial Classes begin at Community Companion Dog level and go to through to Utility Dog Excellent title.

Trials are conducted under the rules and regulations of Dogs Australia (Australian National Kennel Council) and our club is an affiliate member of Dogs Victoria (the Victorian Canine Association) who is an affiliate of Dogs Australia. Our members must also be financial members of the VCA to be able to compete in trials.
As our breed is a working breed, where better than the trial ring to see the ability and level of obedience these dogs and handlers can aspire to and achieve. The rules and regulations and all obedience classes can be viewed on the Dogs Australia website. This covers all classes, lists of exercises, size of rings, equipment measurements and standard, the points scoring system for the judges and all requirements of the handler and dog prior to entering the classes they have trained to.

Obedience Classes and Titles

Community Companion Dog 5 exercises. Total points=100.
Novice Dog 6 exercises. Total points=200.
Open Class. 6a,6b. 8 exercises. Total points=200.
Utility Class. 5a,5b,5c 7 exercises. Total points=200.
Utility Dog Excellent 7 exercises. Total points=200.

View the rules for Obedience trials and the requirements for each class here

The Canine Council will receive applications for the title of OBEDIENCE CHAMPION O.CH., in connection with each dog which, having gained its Utility Dog (U.D.) title, thereafter gains a further five scores in the Utility ring of 185 points or better (qualifying score) under at least three different judges. This is not easy to achieve and those who hold this title have earnt it !
We have a number of members who have achieved Obedience Champion title with their dog/s and we take a keen interest in members of our club who do trial at the various levels as to their progress.
Members who compete and do well at our trials are well rewarded for their efforts, first place winners receive a sash, trophy, sponsors product, pass card, grading certificate and can at our restricted trials win the very coveted excellent medallions for scores of 190 and above. For those who compete at our National Show and Restricted Obedience Trial hosted by a different State each year a first place winner can take away trophies and awards upwards to the value of $350.00. Placings are awarded first to fifth place.
Overall the Obedience Training Committee and its instructors encourage members showing good handling skills to train for the trial ring and enter obedience trials, both restricted and open to all breeds.

Trial Information

– For all trial schedules please see our Club Events
– If you wish to trial please see your Chief Instructor to see what you need to do in training, and how to enter. You can also read the trial education flyer here which has lots of information
– For trial results of events held so far this year click here