2016 AGM News

2016 GSDCV Executive
At the AGM, the following were elected as the executive members of the GSDCV. They are joined by the 11 branch managers to from the GSDCV Management Committee. Thanks and Congrats to all who have committed their time to manage our club.
President: Vince Ebejer
Vice president: Nicki McDermott
2nd Vice President: Louisa Rodger
Secretary: Mel Siktars
Treasurer: Fiona Henderson
Breed Affairs Administrator: Jenny Yuen
Obedience Training Committee Chairperson: Marilyn Wrigley

Membership & Service Awards
Membership Awards – awarded to members for continuous membership
Maureen Goodwin 40 years Will Goodwin 40 years
Mary Hawthorne 30 years Norm Hawthorne 30 years
Ann Hammond 30 years Melissa Hammond 30 years
Frank Grigons 25 years Jenny Joseph 25 years