2021 AGM & Awards

At the AGM, the following were elected as the Executive members of the GSDCV. They are joined by the 11 branch managers to form the GSDCV Management Committee. Thanks and Congratulations to all who have committed their time to manage our club.

President: Vince Ebejer
Vice President: Tony Mercieca
Secretary: Dearne Jackson
Treasurer: Fiona Henderson
Breed Affairs Administrator: Nicky McDermott
Obedience Training Committee Chairperson: Les Rudling


These are all awards achieved throughout the 2020 year


Membership Awards – awarded to members for continuous membership

Jane Wilmot 25 Eastern
Ben Glasheen 30 Eastern
Ian Woodhill 30 Eastern
Brian Padgham 40 Eastern
Peter Effler 40 Eastern
Elke Effler 40 Eastern
Ian Holden 40 Skye
Lyn Holden 40 Skye

 Obedience Instructor Awards – awarded for continuous service as an Obedience Instructor

Sue Hounslow 5 Western
Lin Mcpherson 5 Western
Kathryn Riosa 5 Western
Debbie Kennedy 15 Bendigo
Terry Kennedy 15 Bendigo
Sharon Hargreaves 25 Skye
Alan Purcell 25 Gippsland
Jo Mee 30 Geelong
Dearne Jackson 30 Malvern
Gayle Johnston 30 Malvern

 Show Instructor Awards – awarded for continuous service as a Show Instructor. 

Steve Kinsman 5 Western

 Committee Service – awarded for continuous service to a GSDCV or Branch committee

Andrew Saliba 5 Western
Cathy Workman 5 Eastern
Rhonda Snijders 5 Eastern
Roslyn Mills 15 Western
Lyn Pickering 30 Western


Obedience Instructor Certificates – newly qualified instructors
Marg Raftopoulos Geelong
Justin Morton Eastern
Rhonda Snijders Eastern
Sarah Economou Eastern
Tony Lerias Western
Bill Frantzeskos Western

Show Instructor Certificates – newly qualified instructors

David Organ Geelong
Marg Raftopoulos Geelong