Richard Brauch (SV)

Richard Brauch (SV)

I am a Business Lawyer and Tax Consultant and live in Waibstadt, Germany.
I have been a member of the SV since 1966, an SV Judge since 1996 and became an SV Breed Surveyor in 2001.

I established my kennel in 1971 and have bred about 120 litters to date under my prefix Vom Elzmundungsraum. The highest rated dogs from my kennel since 2000 are:

• Xantia (SG3 2000, VA2 2002)
• Gigolo (Bronze medal winner and VA Australia)
• Ken (Young dog Sieger 2004/\V2 2005)
• Digger (V23 2007, V11 2008, V8 2009, V4 2010, VA4 Spain, VA1 Swiss Siegerschau 2009)
• Daphne (V8 2008)
• Gower (VA3 Swiss Siegerschau 2012, VA2 Siegerschau United States 2014)
• Fax (V38 Siegerschau 2012, VA3 & VA6 United States 2013/2014)
• Whitney (VA6 2017)

I have the pleasure of judging in more than forty different countries all over the world including Siegerschaus in Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Philippines, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, United States and Ukraine.

I am pleased to be invited to officiate at the 47th GSDCA National Show and Trial, and look forward to judging your dogs.