Thank you to the following who have agreed to donate sashes and trophies for all classes.

Your generosity is much appreciated.

Trophies & Mementos donation is $150 per class, Sash donation is $100 per class. Junior Handler class is $300.

If you would like to donate, please visit here to select a class and make payment

ClassTrophy & Memento DonationSash Donation
Open DogShaun SchembriIan Urie
Open BitchHillmagic German ShepherdsIan Urie
Intermediate DogTaurorn KennelsTaurorn Kennels
Intermediate BitchConvenience AdvertisingConvenience Advertising
Junior DogStitch-ee Fingers Promotional EmbroideryCinderhof GSD
Junior BitchJohn and Jenny De Lucia Babenberg KennelsZumbrozac German Shepherds
Puppy DogStobar KennelsDebbar German Shepherds
Puppy BitchLegionaire KennelsRamara Kennels & Kanjelese Kennels
Minor Puppy DogGSDCV Specialist Show BranchGSDCV Specialist Show Branch
Minor Puppy BitchGalifrae Fishing Pty LtdCarol Mason
Baby Puppy DogGSDCV Western BranchMaerceci GSDs
Baby Puppy BitchRoxamburg German ShepherdsJordan Petreski
LSC Open DogCaleb LeesCaleb Lees
LSC Open BitchHillmagic German ShepherdsLettland German Shepherds
LSC Intermediate DogLettland German ShepherdsShirley Petrella
LSC Intermediate BitchChelsea & Jessica BirdChelsea & Jessica Bird
LSC Junior DogMelanie GrothCinderhof GSD
LSC Junior BitchGSDCV Specialist Show BranchGSDCV Specialist Show Branch
LSC Puppy DogWolf & Tracey RehbergMichetto Kennels
LSC Puppy BitchGeelong Branch GSDCVDerharv Kennels
LSC Minor Puppy DogStephanie StaubStephanie Staub
LSC Minor Puppy BitchJenny Joseph - Bodecka KennelsTenaya Beaton
LSC Baby Puppy DogDienamic GSD’s, Paul & Shelly DieganLisa Pretty -Tollerhund
LSC Baby Puppy BitchKenjja GSDS & FriendsTenaya Beaton and Carol Mason
Community Companion DogGSDCV Skye Branch Trial TeamMandy Scrivens
Novice GSDCV Skye Branch Trial TeamGSDCV Skye Branch Trial Team
Open Fran FarleyFran Farley
UtilityGSDCV Skye BranchGSDCV Skye Branch
Utility Dog ExcellentIn memory of Phil Cooper (Kptlonglocks GSD LSC)GSDCV Malvern Branch
Rally NoviceGSDCV Western BranchGSDCV Geelong Branch
Rally AdvancedHelena Walter and John SchulzKylie Zimmerle
Rally ExcellentGerman Shepherd Dog Club of Qld (inc)GSDCV Eastern Branch
Rally MasterGSDCV Malvern BranchGSDCV Malvern Branch
Youth Handlers 7-9 yearsSan Rancho Kennels Rob CameronSan Rancho Kennels Rob Cameron
Youth Handlers 10-12 yearsSan Rancho Kennels Rob CameronSan Rancho Kennels Rob Cameron
Youth Handlers 13-18 yearsSan Rancho Kennels Rob CameronSan Rancho Kennels Rob Cameron