Thank you to the following who have agreed to donate sashes and trophies for all classes.

Your generosity is much appreciated.

Trophies & Mementos donation is $150 per class, Sash donation is $100 per class. Junior Handler class is $300.

If you would like to donate, please visit here to select a class and make payment

ClassTrophy & Memento DonationSash Donation
Open Dog
Open Bitch
Intermediate Dog
Intermediate Bitch
Junior Dog
Junior Bitch
Puppy Dog
Puppy Bitch
Minor Puppy Dog
Minor Puppy Bitch
Baby Puppy Dog
Baby Puppy Bitch
LSC Open Dog
LSC Open Bitch
LSC Intermediate Dog
LSC Intermediate Bitch
LSC Junior Dog
LSC Junior Bitch
LSC Puppy Dog
LSC Puppy Bitch
LSC Minor Puppy Dog
LSC Minor Puppy Bitch
LSC Baby Puppy Dog
LSC Baby Puppy Bitch
Community Companion Dog
Utility Dog Excellent
Rally Novice
Rally Advanced A
Rally Advanced B
Rally Excellent A
Rally Excellent B
Rally Master
Youth Handlers 7-9 years
Youth Handlers 10-12 years
Youth Handlers 13-18 years