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Breed Affairs Forum Meeting - Open to all

Breed Affairs Committee - Invites all Breeders and interested members......

Open meeting to Discuss Issues Concerning Puppy Purchasers and Breeders

Breed Affairs Meeting - 16th April 2009

To be held at Eastern clubrooms, Selkirk Ave, Wantirna, Commencing at 8.00pm

Topics for discussion will cover:

Breeders responsibilities?

Puppy purchasers expectations?


Dealing with the public?

Breeding problems/issues?

What is reasonable? What is Not?


The meeting will provide the ideal setting for constructive discussion. Quite often concerns are a result of a lack of communication, misunderstanding and/or unreal expectations. ALL BREEDERS are invited to get together to discuss these various issues and any more you would like to suggest


Breed Affairs Meeting, SGM – Discussion re Items to be placed on NBC Agenda


For further information, please contact Jenny (03) 9796 1718 or Val (03) 5426 4286