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***Royal Show complimentary ticket news

***News Update for Royal Show Exhbitors***

All GSD Exhibitors participating at the 2014 Royal Melbourne Championship Dog Show are entitled to 1 additional entry ticket.

GSD Exhibitors can collect their additional entry ticket at Gate 7A on arrival:
1.    GSD Exhibitors are requested to enter the Dog Drop off zone via Gate 7
2.    GSD Exhibitors are requested to present themselves to RASV staff at Gate 7A. GSD Exhibitors are requested to state their name and provide a copy of their Confirmation letter.
3.    RASV staff on Gate 7A will provide the additional entry ticket (this will be in an envelope with the Exhibitors name on the front. 1 ticket per envelope.)
4.    GSD Exhibitors are:
a.     welcome to use the ticket immediately
b.    retain the ticket for any other day they wish to attend Show.

The RASV will also notify exhibitors by email.

View the map below, Gate 7 is the entrance to the Dog Pavilion