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Social Events

The 2015 National will be one BIG Social event !! Whats on??

Thursday afternoon

Upon your arrival at KCC Park....

BBQ (free sausages available). Steaks for $5

Drinks available

Pick up your vest and catalogue, your pre-ordered merchandise & find your tent !

Friday Night

The 'National Dinner' is on. A chance to frock up, 3 course meal, drinks and a special guest speaker.

be entertained by live band I.C.Rock !

Bookings essential.....stay tuned.

Saturday Night

At KCC Park - Let your hair down, dance the night away ! 'Eat, drink and be merry'. Dinner & Drinks available

Bookings essential.....stay tuned.

Sunday Night

Trophy Presentations - celebrate the winners !

Finger food provided, drinks available

Stay tuned!

Full details, costs and more for all events will be available soon