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Meet our Outstanding Service Award recipients

Outstanding Service Award
The Outstanding Service Award: to cover an extended period of continuous membership (15 years plus) demonstrating Outstanding service to our club and/or the breed. The definition of outstanding is standing out, conspicuous, striking and above and beyond the call of duty.

2014 Recipients

Dearne Jackson and Julie Jordan

Julie Jordan has been a member of the GSDCV since 1984. Julie was a member of the Latrobe Valley Branch before it closed down and was a foundation member of the Gippsland Branch. Julie is a registered breeder as Bozeeb Kennel’s and actively supports and contributes to the breed improvement schemes. Julie has held many committee positions within the branch often holding multiple positions at a time. Julie currently holds the position of Assistant Branch Manager, Membership Officer and Breed Affairs Liaison at the Gippsland Branch. On occasions in the past when a committee position have become available mid year due to member resignations Julie never hesitates to step up and fill the position for the remainder of the year.  Julie held the position of Branch Manager at Gippsland for 9 years (2004 – 2012). Julie’s commitment to the GSDCV and in particular the Gippsland branch has far exceeded what most people would expect from the manager of a country branch. During her time as Branch Manager Julie rarely missed a Management Committee meeting despite the long distances she had to travel from her home to where the meetings were held. In addition to attending the Management Committee meetings, Julie also attends most breed affairs meetings as part of her role of Breed Affairs Liaison for Gippsland.   Julie is an accredited Show Instructor and never hesitates to help people interested in showing by sharing her extensive knowledge and experience. Julie has an undeniable passion for the German Shepherd Dog and the GSDCV.
2004 – 2012 Branch Manager
2013 – Assistant Branch Manager, Membership Officer, Breed Affairs Liaison
Julie has held positions of Membership Officer, Breed Affairs Liaison, Show Instructor, Equipment Officer at various points throughout her time with the GSDCV.

Dearne Jackson joined the GSDCV 1984. She became an obedience instructor in 1992 and in2012 received her 20 year instructors service award from the club.
Dearne has actively participated in GSDCV events in Tracking and Obedience trials and gained titles with 3 of her dogs. She has also handled and exhibited in the show ring.
At the Malvern branch Dearne has held the role of Chief Instructor across a total of 10 years to date. She has been a committee member for over 11 years, and branch manager for 1 year. Dearne has also been the Demo team coordinator at Malvern for the last 8 years.
Dearne’s contribution to the GSDCV club has been as Promotions officer for 6 years, trial manager (or acting) for 3 years and also merchandise officer, most notably for the 2010 national show & trial, where she was highly successful in selling Merchandise for significant profits.
In 2012 Dearne recruited Viva Photography to sponsor the GSDCV in setting up a series of promotions posters for use at each branch.
As promotions officer, Dearne has recently coordinated the GSDCV to be involved in high profile events such as the Moomba parade, the Melbourne Pet Expo and the Royal Melbourne Show.