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Tending (herding) Clinic March 2013

Are you interested in herding for your GSD?

Perhaps want to see what its all about - you might be surprised !

GSDCV Member and herding enthusiast Alexa McGuaran will be hosting a tending clinic (by Anne Mitchell Qld) for novice tending dogs and interested people on the weekend of March 2 & 3 2013 at Nambrok (near Sale) . A great chance to go along and find out about the sport of herding.

If you are interested in your GSD’s herding heritage or if you think you would like to participate in this ANKC sport come up either day. Travelling time is 1.5 hrs from Berwick or 2.15 hrs from the city centre.

As a bonus you will have the opportunity to meet now retired Gus HSAs HXCs and observe his protégée Bear (Grylls) take his first steps to tending glory!!!

The cost of the clinic is $50 per day, including coffee and tea.
The cost of observing is $2 (on the assumption that you will have some coffee or tea.)

To reserve your spot or for further information please contact Alexa McGauran or 0418357917

View the flyer and contact Alexa with any questions and to book your spot.

It would be great to get some more GSD's into herding, so give it a go !!