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Good Luck Elke & Jochen!

The final test for GSDCV member Elke Effler and her search dog Jochen has arrived! This weekend (Oct 26/27) they will attempt to compete and become fully accredited as an Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team, all the way over in Switzerland where they have been trianing hard for nearly 3 months.

Good Luck to own Aussie team ! Go Elke & Jochen.

Keep up with all their news via their blog - great reports and pics too! If you haven't as yet, read their blog, its magical !!

The GSDCV, through the GSDCA are assisting with funding for this exciting adventure.What is this challenge?
The challenge is for the Australian canine USAR team, German Shepherd Dog, Jochen and his handler, Elke Effler,  qualified to the highest level in Australia, to qualify at the highest level in the canine USAR world globally -  the Swiss REDOG Operational Test.

What is a canine USAR team?
It is a dog and handler trained to an accepted standard to search for persons buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings due to earthquakes, explosions and the like - Urban Search & Rescue or USAR. The most recent such disasters were the earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan last year, 2011. Qualified canine USAR teams can also be deployed after cyclones - Cyclone Yasi, and landslides such as Threadbo.