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Input to GSDCV's Working Party for National Council

...Input and ideas are sought from Victorian members.....
At the GSDCA’s AGM in Queensland in February this year, the incoming GSDCA President, Mr Vince Tantaro appealed to all clubs/surveyors/enthusiasts to try to work together and determine where the Council should be heading into the future.

As part of this strategy, it was decided to hold a “Future Directions Workshop” in October 2012 where the Club Presidents and one other nominated person from each club meet in Melbourne and put forward ideas to assist the development of a strategic plan for the future of the Council.

The GSDCV Management Committee has asked a small group of enthusiasts, namely Mr Frank Moody, Mr Dom Cafari, Mr Andrew Jones, Mr Alastair Henderson, Mrs Fiona Henderson, Mrs Dawn Howard, Mr Vince Ebejer , Mr Ian Urie and myself put together some discussions points for the GSDCA Future Directions Workshop and I have been given the task of “chairing” this working party.

Whilst some of us have been involved with the Council for many years and are aware of its workings, it would be in everybody’s interests to also include feedback from breeders, newer (and older) members and any person interested in the German Shepherd Dog, as to the actual day to day running of the Council, its involvement with dogs generally, its breed schemes and their value, its involvement in obedience activities, its involvement in the general community, the roles that Member Clubs can take on within the council, etc.

Accordingly, we are asking for your constructive comments and possible solutions to these problems that will enable the working party to put together a document that reflects the feelings of the GSDCV members and enthusiasts.

Whilst it is very easy to just think of things that you consider to be a “problem”,  we ask that you also list things that you consider are “beneficial and well done” within the GSDCA and as well, any future steps that you consider the GSDCA could take in adhering to its charter to protect the GSD in this country.

Naturally, we are perfectly happy for the comments to remain anonymous.

The actual “Terms of Reference” as provided as a guideline to this Working Party,  by the GSDCV Management Committee, are available from your Branch Manager or the GSDCV Secretary.
We look forward to your support and input, either at branch level or direct to any of the above working party members or myself at

Louisa Rodger