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The GSDCV Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday March 18th 2011, at KCC Park.
A copy of the Annual Report can be read here

The office bearers of Management Committee of the GSDCV elected for 2012 are:
President                                                Vince Ebejer
Secretary                                                 Vacant
Vice President                                         Chris Hollingworth
Treasurer                                                Graeme Jacobs  
2nd Vice President                                  Val Moody  
Breed Affairs Administrator:                   Ian Urie (Elected at Breed Affairs AGM)
Obedience Training Administrator:         Marilyn Wrigley (Elected at OTC AGM)  

Awards Presented
President Vince Ebejer was honoured to present service awards to many members, one of the highlights being a 30 year continuous Membership Award to Ian Williams. 30 year Show Instructor awards were also presented to Vince Tantaro and Ron Orchard.  A 30 year Obedience Instructor Award was presented to Frank Valastro
- What terrific achievements by all! 30 years !!!!


Presentations were also made to outgoing management committee office bearers, including retiring executive members Ros Vincent and Jenny Yuen.

A special presentation was made to Andrew Saliba, who retired as Demo Team Manager after 22 years.

A full list of all award recipients is detailed in the attachments below, and the images below are of those recieving their awards

GSDCV Awards

GSDCV 2011 Title Awards