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Hip & Elbow results and reports available

Reports and results presented at the 2010 NBC Meeting are now available. The sires progeny report from the National, the latest Hip & Elbow stats and several articles from Karen Hedberg regarding health issues in the GSD, line breeding and inbreeding, teeth and the lower jaw issues are provided for your information. 

For your info some areas of breeding concern discussed at the meeting included underdeveloped teeth, missing p1s, p2s and p3s, underdeveloped upper and lower jaw, looseness of hock joints and over angulated hindquarters, exaggerated top lines, length of under chest and the usual length and lay of the upper arm and croup. Instability of the hocks and hindquarter is a growing concern.

Linebreeding and inbreeding were also discussed. Closer than 3:3 is not recommended.

Hip and Elbow results and the Sires Progeny report are available here

The Veterinary articles are available here