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GSDCV Tracking Test One Results Avail

Results from the GSDCV Tracking Test One, held on April 17th 2010 are now available here

Below are several pics of the successful dogs on the day, and a quick report on the day!

We held a successful tracking trial on Saturday 18th April at Haddon and to get things ready we headed out to the paddocks on Friday to set up the tracks. After the last few years of dry parched dusty ground we were pleased to see lush grass cover due to the early rain. We set out none 400 metre tracks then the judge had to draw up all the maps and photocopy them. It was a beautiful day to set out the tracks and we hoped Saturday would be the same. We all arrived at the venue--the Haddon Lions Club Reserve BBQ gazebo at 7.00am so that competitors could check in and get their dogs vetted prior to start time. Judge Necia Lynch was introduced to the competitors and explained the order of the day and some other words of advice to a group of nervous but excited competitors. The weather again was great and as this is a busy social area we enjoyed during the day the company of the community improvement group for a BBQ lunch--they were tidying up the memorial area in readiness for Anzac Day and later we had another group use the BBQ area for a boys birthday party. Daryle and Kaye Kopke whose land we use also came down to catch up but were too busy to stay for a cuppa. Out on the tracking scene we had one success early followed a little later by another. Then a spell for a couple of tracks and then another pass.
Three in all for the day for an entry of nine with one scratching. Passes went to Robyn Mayle and her dog Dolce an associate German Wire Haired Pointer, Dennis Cody with Ch Jenuin Constatine and Pam Gelme with her Irish Water Spaniel Tirriki Emotion Explosion. This year we had no shepherds tracking at this trial but may have some in either June or August. We then had our BBQ lunch followed by presentations and photos and our ribbons were admired by those who gained passes. Then time to tidy up and go home. Thankyou to Necia Lynch our judge, Stewards Denise Chrystal, Heather Hammonds and Patrick Gallagher, and VCA Rep Heather Turpie for all your assistance which I truly appreciate and look forward to June to catch up with you all again at our next tracking trial.
M Wrigley. acting Trial Secretary. GSDCV Inc.