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The GSDCV Annual General Meeting was held last Sunday March 21st 2010 

The office bearers of Management Committee of the GSDCV elected for 2010 are: 

President                                              Dom Cafari


Vice President                                      Vince Ebejer 

Treasurer                                             Graeme Jacobs  

2nd Vice President                                James Rodger  

Breed Affairs Administrator:                Jenny Yuen (Elected at Breed Affairs AGM)

Obedience Training Administrator:      Marilyn Wrigley (Elected at OTC AGM)  


Awards Presented    

Life Membership was granted to David Berry.    

An Outstanding Service Award was presented to Julie Urie. 

Congratulations to David and Julie, worthy recipients of the GSDCV’s most prestigious awards, for their services to the club over a long period of time.   

President Dom Cafari was honoured to present 50 year continuous Membership Awards to Reene Hayman and  June Tobin.  Ian Cameron was also awarded  this recognition. What a terrific achievement! 50 years !!!! 

A special Recognition Award was presented to Jacinta Poole – “in appreciation for services and expertise in the restructuring of a number of systems within the areas of the GSDCV Inc.”

A posthumous Award of Merit was presented to Ian Woollard on behalf of his dog Keirah - "Keriah not only excelled at obedience, she also assisted many judges in their own training when the UDX classes were introduced"

All other awards presented at the AGM are detailed in the attached document below. Congratu lations to all who received awards, particularly in recognition for themselves, their dogs efforts and achievements.

 Awards presented at the 2010 AGM

Photos of award winners and presentations are below (photo courtesy Karen Cordell)


(left) Ian Woollard, recieving an Award of Merit for his dog Keirah  (right) Owen Harris, owner of "Lashadas Ace of Hearts " Specialist Dog of the Year and Schneider trophy Winner


(left) Schaeferhund Kennels, Eric Orschler trophy winners  (right) Wendy Seng HPa, receiving obedience title awards

BELOW - Ian Urie, appreciation of service to managment committee (left), Vince Ebejer recieves the Gwen Ibbott Shield for Northern branch (Middle) and Marg Phillips is acknowledged for her work in the rehoming service (right)