You are hereDPI Survey - Domestic Animal Legislation - members please read !

DPI Survey - Domestic Animal Legislation - members please read !

Department of Primary Industry Survey On Proposed Changes to The Victorian Domestic Animal Legislation

To all Members of GSDCV Inc. **note that this survey has now closed

As you are probably now aware, the Victorian Minister for Primary Industry, Mr. Joe Helper, has initiated an online survey through the DPI website, asking the public for their opinions on some proposed changes to the Victorian Domestic Animal Legislation. The proposed changes generally are intended to increase the penalties for dogs which are currently deemed dangerous, and are found at large or are not registered with their local Council. The proposals however, include rather extreme powers being granted to Council Officers, which would include the ability to seize such a dog and order its immediate euthanasia without further consultation of the dog's owner.

Information about the proposed legislation changes on the Government websites can be seen here:

(1) Premier's press release
(2) Online questionnaire

On first impressions any responsible dog owner would agree that all dogs, especially those which might be a danger to the public, should be registered and should not be allowed to wander at large. The existing laws adequately cover these situations already, and if they were properly enforced there would be no need for further legislation.  However the wording of the questions in the survey includes some views which are a major concern to our Club members and to all dog owners in Victoria.  We need to ensure that dogs are only ever judged by their actions or "deeds" and not by their "breed", size, or appearance.

We have printed the questions from the survey below, and some suggested responses. (These should not be copied word for word, but should give you an idea how to phrase your answers.) It is very important that as many dog owners as possible respond to this survey, and voice our opinions, as there will be many members of the public who are not fond of dogs and would think these draconian proposals sound like a good idea. Please circulate this to any other dog fanciers that you know. Responses must be submitted on-line before the 15th February 2010 (now closed)

Please read the attached document which details suggested responses to assist you with your answers to the survey.

Feb 16 2010