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Long Stock Coat German Shepherd Dogs

Long Stock Coat (LSC) [Long Stockhaar] German Shepherds can now be shown and bred, and can be placed on the LSC register.

See attached details regarding Changes to the requirements for the registration, exhibition and breeding of German Shepherd Dog (Long Stock Coat)

This includes the changes to the GSD Breed Standard and the process for reclassification of animals born prior to Jan 1st 2012 (this has now expired) and classification for those born after Jan 1st 2012

Read the press release from the GSDCA here

Read the Breed Standard for Long Stock Coat (and Stock Coat) GSD's and a Review of the Long Stock Coat variety here

Attached is the ANKC application and verification form (amended May 2012)


Contact: Breed Survey registrar G Cafari to enquire about verification (5420 7385)
Verification is now only available to dogs born after the 1/1/2012 that you wish to transfer from the Stock Coat tot he Long Stock Coat register.

Please bring your dogs Kennel Control Registration Certificate. Your dog must be positively identified ie tattoo/microchip

Long Stock Coat Verification Day Success !!

On Sunday Feb 18th 2012, prior to a regular breed survey, the GSDCV held our first Long Stock Coat Verification Day. On this inaugural day, there were 6 LSC assessed by the Victorian breed surveyors/judges - 2 adults, 2 5-10month males and 2 young puppies.
The LSC assessment is required for all dogs born before Jan 1st 2012, in order to transfer the dog to the LSC register. Puppies born from now on will be registered by the breeders directly on the LSC register. If you're unsure, talk to your branch Breed Liaison officer or the GSDCV Breed Affairs Administrator. Below are some pics from Sundays event ! (pictures courtesy J Urie)