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National 2010 Obedience Judges

The Obedience judges for the 2010 National are Jan Brabham (CCD), Tiki Friezer (Novice), Jim Begg (Open) and John Fenner (Utlity and UDX). We welcome them to Melbourne to enjoy judging at the 38th National German Shepherd Dog Show and Trial. Below are profiles of Tiki, Jan, Jim and John. 

Novice - Tiki Friezer
I grew up with German Shepherd Dogs. George Valiukas introduced me to Obedience and l joined Cumberland Branch of the GSDL of NSW in 1963 (my father also joined as he had to drive – l was too young for a drivers licence!)
I am a Dogs NSW Instructor, a CGC (now Delta) Instructor, life member of Sutherland Shire Dog Training Club, Treasurer of the Tracking and Rescue Dog Club of NSW since 1975 and a member of the NSW Obedience and Tracking Committee.
At present l am owned and trained by the ‘Feral’ (Treuschutzer Half Pint) !

CCD - Jan Brabham
German Shepherd dogs have played an important role in my life. My parents, Eunice and Reg Atkinson, had a German Shepherd, "Pal", before I was born and 1 met my late husband, Roy, when he joined the German Shepherd Dog Club of SA. When "Pal" died we went to a dog show and I won my fist child handler prize. My parents gave me the choice of going to a private college or having a German Shepherd puppy -they couldn't afford both. Of course I chose the puppy! When they joined the German Shepherd Dog Club, as the dog was in my name, although a child, I also became a full member - no junior memberships back then! I virtually grew up within the German Shepherd Club - including practising my typing by doing the Minutes and "Shepherd News" for the Club! With my parents, we became heavily involved in all aspects of the Club and successfully bred many dogs to become show Champions, including many Specialist Show Best Exhibit awards, and also obtaining Obedience titles under our "Palomine" Kennel prefix. Later I was a partner with Roy in "Balmead Kennels".
I loved handling dogs - I handled numerous dogs in the show ring and my own dogs in obedience trials and Demonstration Teams over many years. Besides being an Obedience Instructor and Show Class Instructor with the German Shepherd Dog Club of SA for many years, I was an original member of the South Australian Obedience Dog Club and a Trainer with that Club.
When Roy wanted to form the National German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia, I worked with him on that difficult project, and later assisted with the running of the First National Show and Trial in Sydney in 1967 and the original "National Review". I was officially Secretary of the Council for 5 years, at first under my maiden name of "Atkinson", until we resigned, shortly before Roy's death.
I became a Panel Judge for Group 5 and also a full Obedience Panel Judge in 1964. At that time I was the youngest Judge and first female Obedience Judge in South Australia. Although I have judged both Obedience and Conformation in most States of Australia, acceptance of appointments has been restricted because of family and work commitments. I have had my Specialist German Shepherd Dog Licence for both Conformation and Obedience for several years and I am also an Examiner/Assessor for Group 5. My recent German Shepherds have been multi excellent graded.
My love of the German Shepherd dog and the improvement and future of the breed will always be important to me. The German Shepherd Dog Council has come such a long way from the humble beginnings, 50 years ago, with many people giving so much of their time for the betterment of the breed. Let us hope that with people interested in the welfare of the breed, and not politics, that the Council will continue to grow and work for the German Shepherd breed for many more years.

Jim Begg obtained his first German Shepherd as the fifth owner of a three and a half year old bitch and began training her at the Malvern Branch of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria in 1983.
As training progressed he became interested in trialing, entering his first trial in 1984 eventually obtaining UD. The trialling successes led to Jim becoming a German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Instructor in 1986 and a Victorian Canine Association Instructor in 1992.
Jim entered the Victorian Canine Association Judges training programme and in 1994 obtained his Novice Obedience licence, becoming a full panel judge when he obtained his UD licence in 1998.  He was awarded a German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia Judges’ Badge in 2003.
He has judged at a number of German Shepherd Obedience trials including National, Open and Restricted events.
Jim became involved with branch administration, becoming Branch Manager at Malvern and has served on the Club House, Constitution and Banking Sub Committees of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria.

Utility and UDX – John Fenner
John first joined the GSDA of WA in 1971 and was awarded Life Membership in 1982 and the Gold Service Pin for 25 years service.  Member of the SV, Germany (since 1978).  Licensed Obedience, Agility and Endurance Judge (1977).  Licensed as a German Shepherd Dog and Group 5 Judge in 1984.  Specialist GSD Judge (GSDCA) since 1984.  Became a GSD Breed Surveyor (GSDCA) in 1991.  Has judged shows and obedience in all major states of Australia, including MBE’s (1989, 1992, 2006), SBE’s (1989-2009) and GSD plus other Breed Nationals.  Also, he has judged many shows in New Zealand , including Auckland, Otago and Waikato.
GSDA of WA Activities:
President (1979 to 1981).  Vice President (late 1975 and 1976), responsible for the successful introduction of Endurance Tests for GSD’s and significant contribution to lifting of the Ban on GSD breeding in WA.  Breed Affairs Chairman (1977 and 1978), being instrumental in the introduction of GSD Specialist Shows, Breed Surveys, Recommended Breeding Practices and Code of Ethics to WA.  Committee Member (1973 to 1981, 1984, 1994 and 1995, 2005 to 2009).  From 1974 to 1981 contributed greatly to the development of the GSD Headquarters in Southern River.  Past Editor, WA’s German Shepherd News.  Qualified Obedience Instructor, since 1973.  Qualified Show Instructor, in practice 1978 to 2009.  Secretary (2005-2006).  Junior Vice President (2006-2007).  Currently, is the elected State Breed Administrator (2007 to 2010) and also Webmaster (2001 to 2010) for the GSDA of WA.
GSDCA Activities:
Currently a GSDCA Specialist GSD Judge (1984 to 2010), Breed Surveyor (1991 to 2010) and GSDCA Webmaster (2002 to 2010).  Co-developer of the current GSD Extended Breed Standard (ANKC/GSDCA).  Past GSDCA National Show Coordinator.  Assisted past National Breed Commissioners with development and updating of the GSDCA Breed Survey Manual.  WA Delegate to GSDCA 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, and 1981.  WA Delegate to NBC 2007 to 2009.  Recipient of the GSDCA Gold Medal Service Award in 2007.
CAWA/ANKC Activities:
ANKC/CAWA Group 5 Assessor/Examiner Judge and GSD Lecturing Judge.  Member of CAWA, serving on the Appeals Board (current Chairman), Judges Board, Measuring Committee (Chairman) and Show Judges Training Committee (Group 5 Convenor 2005 to 2010).  Past member of P & D Tribunal, Conformation Committee and Computer Committee.  Committee Member of Working Dog Club of WA 1995 to 2006 and 2007, past Vice President (1998 to 2005 and 2007).
Breeding Activities:
John breeds very selectively (20 litters) under the kennel prefix of Saarbachtal.  Saarbachtal Angelique was 1st Open Bitch and SV Gold Medalist at the 1984 GSD National.  At the 2003 National, Saarbachtal Olivia ET was 9th Open Bitch and became State Siegerin at the 2003 WA SBE.  Her sister, Saarbachtal Oschi ET was 4th in that Open Class, following being 6th Junior Bitch at the 2000 GSD National.  Saarbachtal Pure Zarbo and Saarbachtal Pure Zambo were 6th and 7th in Junior Dog at the 2002 GSD National.  Saarbachtal Pure Zambo ET was 9th Open Dog at the 2003 GSD National and 8th Open Dog at the 2005 GSD National.
Showing and Obedience Highlight Activities:
John’s first GSD, Viscount Rebel UD ET became the third GSD in WA to gain a UD title and the first GSD to qualify for an ET title in 1976.  That same year, “Rebel” was 2nd in Open Obedience (193pts) and third in Utility Obedience at the 4th GSD National Show and Obedience Trial in Nurioopta, SA.  During the early 1980’s, his foundation bitch Ch. Waldfrieden Aerika ET BSCl I became very well known across Australia as 2nd Open Bitch at the 1983 GSD National Show in Victoria under Herr Walter Martin (SV), as well as “Best Opposite in Show” at the premier WA Canine event, the Western Classic.  In 1982, John judged the Utility and Open Obedience Classes at the GSD National in Canberra, ACT.  In 1989, he judged the Utility and Open Obedience Classes at the GSD MBE in Victoria and also handled Ch. Prima Zorba to his first Sieger title as Open Dog winner in the Show section of that event under Louis Donald.  In 1994, John’s dog Ch. Skefmora Maurie ET BSCl I AZ became WA State Sieger at the SBE (Open Class) and was also highest scoring in Novice Obedience with 190 points, to achieve the title of Top Show and Obedience Dog at that SBE.  All of his dogs have been trained and handled personally by John in both show and obedience events.  Since becoming a dogsport judge in 1977, he has very regularly judged the dogsport disciplines of Obedience, Agility and Endurance every year in WA, including the GSDA of WA’s challenging and prestigious events of VIMS Trophy and Stubbs Trophy often.

This is John’s first judging appointment in Victoria since he judged UD in the GSDCA’s Main Breed Exhibition at this same venue in 1989, and is particularly honoured with this appointment as part of the GSDCA’s 50th Year celebration.