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National 2010 Conformation Judges

The conformation judges for the 2010 National are Herr Frank Goldlust (SV) who will judge Dogs and Herr Hans-Ludger Goeke (SV) who will judge the bitches. We welcome them to Australia and to Melbourne to enjoy judging at the 38th National German Shepherd Dog Show and Trial. Below are profiles of Herr Goerke and Herr Goldlust.

Herr Hans-Ludger Goeke

Member of the SV since 1973
Chairman of the OG Brakel-Frohnhausen since 1978.
German Shepherd Dog Kennel - Trompetersprung

Breed Judge, Breed Surveyor, active breeder, exhibitor and trainer with many judging engagements annually in Germany and abroad, in all continents and in over 40 countries, as exhibitor or judge and breed surveyor at National Shows and Breed Shows. Among others in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, England, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Mexico, North America, South America, Yugoslavia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, Bulgaria, Java, South Africa etc.
- To date, I have bred through the alphabet three times.
- As a successful breeder and trainer, I had already been honoured in 1990, with the golden breeder’s badge, the highest award that can be bestowed upon a breeder.
- Have been awarded the golden sport badge, as successful Trainer of German Shepherd Dogs.
- Vom Trompetersprung dogs have gained 16 x VA, Sieger titles, and many top placings at Siegershows and Breed Shows, at home and abroad.
- Three times the Federal Sieger title of the VDH.
- Repeated presentation of a Breeders’ Group at the Siegerhauptzuchtschau.
- Three times the most successful breeder of the Landesgruppe 07.
- Breeder of many highly graded and Breed Survey Class One dogs.
- All of the vom Trompetersprung dogs presented in the last few years were placed in the Sieger ring of the individual classes.

We welcome Herr Goerke to Melbourne as the Judge for the Bitch classes at our 38th National German Shepherd Dog Show and Trial.

Herr Frank Goldlust

Frank Goldlust was born in Berlin on 30th October 1957, and is employed as a civil servant at the Free University of Berlin. He joined the SV in 1970.  In 1978 he was appointed as a Breed Warden, an office he has held ever since. During this period more than 300 litters have been cared for and inspected. Frank registered the kennel name „vom Frankengold“ in 1979 and has since registered more than 100 litters, from which several dogs have been rated Excellent at the German Siegershow.  From 1972 to this day he has attended more than 500 exhibitions all around the world, and has had the winning dog at many exhibitions, including the Federal Champion Exhibition. He has owned five VA females and one VA male.

Frank was appointed as an SV Judge in 1989, and has had over 200 judging appointments all over the world. He was appointed as Kormeister (Breed Surveyor) in 1996, and has been appointed to judge at the German Sieger Show in 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2009.  

We welcome Herr Goldlust to Melbourne as the Judge for the Dog classes at our 38th National German Shepherd Dog Show and Trial.